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Dear Gymnastics, You’re Just Nuts

1 Aug

So I’m watching the Olympics all day. I know this next sentence should make ‘all day’ sound funny and not all that real, but as I don’t have anything to do these days, it’s really all I do. I love the different sports and am wildly rooting for both my country and any underdog I can find. Who would’ve thought I’d ever get the rules of judo?

I still don’t know what this move is called, though.

I can’t watch gymnastics with the same zeal, though. They are just plain crazy. Who started that thing where you balance on a narrow bar, a few feet from the ground, and then do a backflip from out of nowhere? How do you train for this without breaking your neck? Every single move these people do makes me realize I’m blessed having the least flexible body ever. Imagine having a natural talent for gymnastics… The horror. (I have this with ski jumping, too.)